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Free Weeks

Free vacation weeks are good for you, and they allow our teachers to take vacation with their families when you are away. 

Families with annual tuition agreements get three free weeks for vacation. So if you are going to be out for vacation, take a tuition vacation too! 

New families (with annual agreements) have the option to swap the vacation weeks for one free month to help with the expenses of changing daycares.

Free vacation weeks are only offered when your child is out for vacation. Just let us know three weeks before your vacation so we can plan our staff vacations. You can take:


Academy Kids observes several national holidays and school closings. For weather and emergency closing days, we follow Cobb County’s School schedule (except for COVID). 

Here are our scheduled days off for this year: 


Academy Kids DayCare is a not-for-profit childcare center. providing childcare Monday – Friday each week throughout the year. 

When you enroll your child, we plan our staffing to provide for your child whether or not he/she attends. In other words, we make sure that we have the staff and resources to keep up our end of the deal.

Tuition payments are required even if your child does not attend due to illness or family emergency. If you have a longer-term situation, let us know and we will do whatever we can to help out.


God continues to answer our prayers, and the staff continues to work diligently with enhanced hygiene and sanitization. We had no closures during the pandemic, and, thankfully, we have had no cases of COVID19 among the families or children attending Academy Kids. 

Our teachers continue to practice social distancing in their personal lives, and we continue to diligently follow the State Daycare guidelines. We have implemented many enhanced standards as we continue to serve the families needing daycare during this crisis.

We are checking every child’s temperature as they enter the daycare. Children with temperatures above normal are not allowed to attend.

We are limiting parent and vendor entry into the daycare unless absolutely necessary. We are receiving all children at the door and guiding them to their classes.

We continue to require regular hand washing, provide hand sanitizer, sanitize surfaces and doors throughout the day, and thoroughly sanitize the center at the end of the day.

We are following State Daycare reduced class guidelines to comply with the CDC and local recommendations. The current maximum class size is ten people, including staff, in any single classroom.


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